March 1, 2016

Follow the bouncing Trump

Daily Beast - Donald Trump was up at a podium, saying that America had gone weak and was headed for disaster.

“We don’t have tough people. We have nice people,” Trump said. "But I’m tired of nice people, already. I mean, too much.”

But this was not 2016 and Trump was not talking about President Obama.

This was 1987 and Trump was denouncing the course of the country as set by President Reagan, who was famously known for being the nicest of guys.

“I’m tired of nice people already in Washington,” Trump told a Rotary Club gathering at Yoken’s restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “Let somebody be in there who doesn’t just smile nicely, who’s not just shaking hands. I want someone in there who knows how to negotiate, because that’s what it’s all about now. And, if the right person isn’t in office, you’re going to see a catastrophe.”

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