March 26, 2016

Cruz wants freedom of religion. . . but only his

NY Times - Mr. Cruz created a “Religious Liberty Advisory Council” to offer suggestions of things he can do as president to protect religious freedom — in other words, to make sure that evangelical Christianity is embedded in government and the law, and that gay Americans and other godless non-believers are dealt with properly.

As Zack Ford pointed out at Think Progress, the council includes only members of “the most conservative iterations of Christianity.” It is led by Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council, a group that makes the Tea Party look like a gang of socialist agitators. So the results were predictable, and predictably disturbing.

They include making sure that gay Americans don’t have any special protection against discrimination in the public arena or the workplace; repealing the mandate that employers’ health insurance plans include contraception coverage; allowing religious groups to go on claiming tax deductions for blatantly political activity; and on and on.

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