March 16, 2016

Americans reject Cruz's proposed assault on government agencies

Gallup - The American public soundly disagrees with candidate Ted Cruz's proposal to eliminate four departments of government and also comes down against his proposal to abolish the IRS. This presents a fascinating portrait of a population of people who are very negative about government in general, and yet tend to be unenthusiastic about proposals to eliminate a lot of government. Obviously, as I'll discuss below, there are other approaches to the crisis of confidence in government that the people prefer.

63% of Americans disagree with the Cruz proposal to eliminate "the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Housing and Urban Development." Just 18% agree. And, when asked about abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, 44% of Americans disagree, 34% agree, while 22% don't have an opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Cruz isn't really interested in those demographics. His is a strategy directed towards a more exclusive segment of the electorate, one we'd be foolish to discount or ridicule for it is potentially more powerful than many might imagine.
Sandy Tolan's recent profile is well worth the read: