February 28, 2016

Trump's father arrested in wake of KKK riot in 1920s

Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Geez, Sam, okay you don't like Trump. But how low is our establishment echo chamber press going to go, and do really want to be part of it? I heard your great-grandfather went to whore houses and you Quaker great-great grandfather owned slaves. Is this where we're at?

Anonymous said...

This IS relevant. How can one say they know nothing about this white supremacy stuff and yet it shows that it was how he was raised. It certainly helps explain why he is comfortable saying the derogatory things he says. Complaining about "having to be PC" simply means, "I can't call black people n*****s and say to a woman I want you to s**k my d**k and f**k you in the @** because I am required by law to hire you AND pay you you piece of s**t w***e!!! And that goes double for black women!"

So, since The Donald is actually a disgusting pig, and the article helps people understand where his brain was destroyed, it is very relevant!