February 24, 2016

Oklahoma Greens endorse Sanders

KTUL, Tulsa - Ahead of the first presidential primary in which registered Independents in Oklahoma can vote, a major independent party has officially endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

The Green Party of Oklahoma's Cooperative Council voted unanimously to endorse Sanders, the Democratic candidate, according to a press release emailed to Tulsa's Channel 8 late Monday.

While Sanders does not align with all of the Green party platforms, GPOK officials said they believe he is the best possible option for their members casting votes on Super Tuesday in Oklahoma.

Environmental Activist Jill Stein is the current Green Party candidate. By law, the state requires 25,000 petition signatures for a third party to place a candidate on a presidential ballot. GPOK is still working to gather signatures by the March 1 deadline.

"We will continue to fight for ballot access for Green Party candidates in Oklahoma," said Rachel Jackson, Green Party of Oklahoma State Facilitator. "In the meantime, because Oklahoma's Democratic Party decided to allow independent voters an opportunity to vote in their primary, we are excited to participate. Progressive independents and Democrats need to make the most of this opportunity, and we ask that they vote for Bernie Sanders on March 1st."

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