February 16, 2016

News Notes

There hasn’t been an election without a Clinton or Bush in at least the primary since 1976

Between 2007 & 2011, sentences for black males were 19.5% longer than those for white males

The world's largest jazz and blues record store has closed in Chicago

Hillary Clinton doesn't help her dishonest rep by accusing Bernie Sanders of being a single issue candidate. For example, by the Washington Post's count, Sanders discussed 20 issues

How important are the arts to GDP?

Nifty idea of the day : Name a latino  to the Supreme Court now and seehow the GOP confederacy deals with  that.

One of the things that long annoyed your editor when he lived in DC was when they renamed National Airport after Ronald Reagan. As Comedian Sabrina Matthews noted, "The irony is naming an airport after the president who fired all the air traffic controllers." Happy to report there is now a Facebook page called National Airport (DCA) Wants Her Name Back.


Anonymous said...

"Between 2007 & 2011, sentences for black males were 19.5% longer than those for white males"

Not surprising. Between 2007 and 2011, Democrats (the party founded by white supremacists to defend slavery, and gave us Jim Crow and the KKK) were in solid control of Congress. And Obama was president, and black males aren't a group he much cares about. Incarceration rates of people of color always go up during Democratic administrations. They manage to distract attention from this by making the beyond absurd argument that it's the Repubs who are the racists.

Anonymous said...


Just because the democrats are racist, doesn't mean that the republicans are not just as racist too.