February 8, 2016

News Notes

The Michigan Senate passed a bill that makes sodomy a felony, despite the U.S. Supreme Court declaring such a law unconstitutional.

Another false campaign mailing by Ted Cruz

According to recent FEC filings, 95 percent of the donations to the Super PAC “Millennials Rising” — originally called “Millennials for Jeb” — comes from men 60 years and older.

Christie makes it easier for private corporations to take over New Jersey's water

58% support Medicare for all

TSA used to check bags at Trump rally. . . "The presence of the TSA at a political event is extremely concerning considering the fact that such an event has absolutely nothing to do with transportation."

A study finds that  92 percent of college students still prefer to do “serious reading” using books that make use of actual ink printed on a physical page.

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