February 14, 2016

Morning Line

Based on the average of recent polls:
  • Clinton is in a statistical tie with Trump and Cruz and loses by 5 points to Rubio. Sanders would beat Trump by 8, Cruz by 10 and is in a statistical tie with Rubio. Sanders does better against all these candidates than Clinton by 4-11 points
  • In South Carolina Trump leads by 19 and Clinton by 32
  • In Nevada Trump leads by 15, Clinton and Sanders are statistically tied
  • With 35 points, Trump has a 21 point lead ahead of Cruz who has 17. Rubio has 12. Trump's best lead so far: 26
  • Clinton's lead over Sanders is a record low of 6 points

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If I controlled all the voting machines, none of this blather would matter.

Except to the media oligarchs and their advertisers.

Working as re-designed.