February 23, 2016

Morning Joe pushes Trump cause

Gawker - The comedian and radio show host Harry Shearer has audio of what sure sounds like a casual off-the-air exchange between Donald Trump and Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. “You had me almost as a legendary figure,” Trump says at one point, apparently referring to a segment on that day’s show.

The recording comes at an uncomfortable moment for Joe and Mika, who are facing criticism for an allegedly cozy relationship with the Republican front-runner. CNN’s Dylan Byers reported that some NBC employees are disconcerted about the apparent friendship

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Anonymous said...

Does everyone know that Mika Brzezinski is ZBig's daughter? Her brother, Mark, was until just recently the US Ambassador to Sweden; her other brother, Ian, served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Policy in 2001–2005, under President George W. Bush.
All have deep connections to Eastern Europe, Poland, and of late the Ukraine.
Some family legacy, that.