February 26, 2016

Governor Christie is worse than you thought

He's endorsed Trump

Which isn't what he said in the past


Anonymous said...

Of the Republican field, who would be better? The remaining Koch Brothers sycophants or the theocratic end-time zealots (admittedly, there does appear to be some categorical over-lap)?

Anonymous said...

Trump is the most moderate of the remaining Republicans, except for Kasich who has no chance.

He has Bernie's position on trade and wants to rebuild infrastructure. Except for ISIS, he is not a military adventurer. He also shares Bernie's anti-Wall Street position, except he has to be much more moderate about it being in the GOP. His bark is definitely worse than his bite, part of his campaign strategy and part of his schtick as a wanna-be entertainer.

Anonymous said...

Bernie said the other day, we've lost 60,000 factories in the last 15 years. That's abut 10 per day.

How this is not the number one issue is a revelation of how powerful the corporate media has become.

I will definitely vote for either of the two candidates against these trade policies destroying the middle class: Bernie OR Trump! The rest are all puppets!