February 8, 2016

Denver police okay "pain compliance" against nonviolent protestors

Shadowproof -A leaked police manual reveals how Denver police respond to marches and other forms of protest, including their use of undercover “platoons” of officers to pick out leaders for later arrest.

On Jan. 19, Unicorn Riot published a heavily redacted version of the 2011 edition of the “Denver Police Department Crowd Management Manual” obtained through a Colorado Open Records Act request. Days later, an anonymous source sent them an unredacted copy of the 2008 edition of the manual.

... [A] revealing portion of the unredacted manual notes that officers may use “pain compliance” techniques against passively resisting, nonviolent protesters. “It is common for people arrested at protests in Denver to report that while being arrested, officers pulled and twisted their wrists and fingers in very painful ways both as they are being handcuffed, and after they have already been handcuffed,” Unicorn Riot reported on its website.

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