January 22, 2016

Number of Americans dying from drinking is soaring

Alternet - Almost 31,000 Americans died from drinking in 2014, a nearly 40 percent increase since 2002. In 2014, there were 9.6 deaths for alcohol-related reasons per 100,000 people. This stat doesn't include deaths from drunk driving or homicide. If the study also contained those, the number, says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, would be more than 90K. According to this study, there are 2075 more folks being snuffed out by booze every year.


Anonymous said...

With no jobs to look forward to for young people, and if you are middle aged, your job prospects die as you are passed over for being too old at 45, and if you are older, most of your retirement was stolen in the 2007-8 collapse, Social Security which was supposed to help with retirement is being dismantled, so you now get to work until you die, is it any wonder that deaths from drinking are up?

Anonymous said...

As our economy becomes more like Russia's, so does our people's despair.

ProsperityforRI.com said...

The US ius going to beneifit greaatly when we no longer hld tot he fantasy of economic growth. We shall eventually have a steady state economy built on communities. And give up the war machine.