January 12, 2016

Morning Line

Based on average of latest pols:

Clinton is in a statistical tie with Trump, Rubio, Bush, and Cruz

With 38 points, Trump has a 20 point lead ahead of Cruz with Rubio at 10 and Carson at 8, Bush at 6 Trump's best lead has been 24 points.

Clinton lead over Sanders has dropped from 21 to 12, the closest yet

Among Republicans, Trump leads in 17 states, Carson in one. 11 states are a tossup. Trump has easy lead in NH, clse lead in IA. Among Democrats Clinton leads in 25 states. 3 are a tossup

In New Hampshire, Trump is maintaining a comfortable lead over his nearest competitors. Rubio is in second place. Sanders has an 8 point lead in the moving average of recent polls.
In Iowa, Trump and Cruz are a toss up with Clinton having a comfortable lead over Sanders

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