January 9, 2016

Morning Line

 Based on our moving average of recent polls:

Clinton is in a statistical tie with Trump, Rubio, Bush, and Cruz

With 38 points, Trump has a 23 point lead ahead of Cruz with Carson and Rubio at 10. All the other candidates are in single digits.

Clinton has a 21 point lead over Sanders.

In New Hampshire, Trump is maintaining a comfortable lead over his nearest competitors. Rubio is in second place. Sanders has an 8 point lead in the moving average of recent polls.
In Iowa, Trump and Cruz are a toss up with Clinton having a comfortable lead over Sanders

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Trusted Quinnipiac has Sanders 13 points over Trump. If anyone overtakes Trump then Sanders versus that person would be the key stat, unless and until Sanders is eliminated by the Dems. Which would free them up to gracefully lose to their GOP partners, while blaming him for dividing the party. Sanders would have the stronger case, that the Dems stopped his inevitable landslide so as to protect the party's owners.