January 13, 2016

Media cons: Taking SOTU seriously

Sam Smith - I don't believe I have watched a full State of the Union address since Lyndon Johnson was president. There has been no indications that ignoring this annual propaganda event has harmed me in any way. On the whole, I prefer to watch new TV drug ads because they at least tell you of a few of the possible disasters that might happen if you follow the just issued advice.


Anonymous said...

LBJ indeed, inventor of the Warren Report. The deep levels of SOTU irony quickly induce sleep, except for maybe one or two Van Helsings who have studied every move and respect the dangerousness of the moment. Here the cat burglar who pulled off CRomnibus I and II, proponent of TPP and the bank bail-in, returns to the scene of the
the crime, like Hitchcock's Uncle Charlie, accepting admiration. While LBJ, like MacBeth, inevitably succumbed.

Anonymous said...


RT's whopper summary.

Can't watch drug ads either, but their lawyers have notable input.