December 27, 2015

When was the last time a Mexican cut your pension?

From our overstocked archives

Sam Smith, 2006 - Those wishing to test the extent of the immigrant problem might want to conduct this quick test:

1. Has a Mexican ever fired or laid you off?

2. Has the plant you worked for until it was sent overseas been bought by Mexicans or is it still owned by the same people you used to work for?

3. Has a Mexican ever cut your pension or health benefits? Outsourced your job to India?

4. How much does Latin America contribute to global warming and its results - such as bigger hurricanes and more tornadoes - compared with the United States?

5. Are Mexicans responsible for NSA's spying you?

6. Do you think Mexicans or the pharmaceutical corporations are more responsible for high drug costs?

7. How much of the corruption in Washington has been instigated by the Mexicans?

8. Did the Mexicans' make us invade Iraq?

9. Are the Mexicans responsible for George Bush being so dumb?

Chances are most your answers will be in the negative which is a clue to stop spending so much time worrying about immigration and turn your attention to something else.


Capt. America said...

Whether worried about or not, immigration must end. Just because you don't think it hurts anyone you know, you think it doesn't hurt. Millions of children in this country live in poverty. Every "good" immigrant makes one more. It is a zero sum game.

Anonymous said...

Yes, immigration must end. All y'all Eurotrash get back on the boat. And take your diseases, bibles, and wars with you. - Capt. Native America

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that racism is zero sum, cap'n. You seem to be hogging enough that there won't be any left for anyone else. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Not sure this argument about Mexicans invalidates the need for Nations having secure borders. After all, the same argument may be made for immigrants from scores of other Nations, many of which have laws regarding someone like me 'illegally' going to their country.

Our Nation, and other Nations have to be able to run our Economies, Govern our Societies, and Protect each of our various communities.

Methods of governance include preventing illegal immigration, being able to regulate and tax businesses, and arguably having a Military.

However, just because Corporations (and individuals) can squirrel away large amounts of money overseas to avoid paying taxes - does that mean borders shouldn't exist?

If Congress lets Trillions of squirreled away Dollars into this country at a lowered tax-rate, or no tax rate - maybe there should be an argument to just doing away with borders completely.