December 10, 2015

Trump's white nationalist backer

Daily Beast  - The leader of the white nationalist American Freedom Party thinks the golden-maned GOP frontrunner is leading a movement as big as the antiwar cause in the 1960s.

William Daniel Johnson is a practicing lawyer in Los Angeles.

He’s 54 years old with neatly styled silver hair and a kind of authoritatively quiet voice. He also serves as chairman of the American Freedom Party, a white nationalist group he co-founded. And he absolutely loves Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump isn’t governed by handlers,” Johnson told me over the phone from his law office. “He shoots from the hip and he speaks forthrightly. He does not care what public opinion is.”

Johnson, who requested that he not be referred to as a neo-Nazi in this article, is listed under the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Extremist Files,” notably for proposing a 1985 constitutional amendment that would have revoked the American citizenship of every non-white inhabitant of the United States.

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Anonymous said...

"golden-maned GOP frontrunner"? Don't they mean Golden Throw Rug wearing GOP frontrunner. Trumps hair has always looked like a hat, at best.