December 2, 2015

The People's Party: GMO

89 percent say GMO food should be labelled


Anonymous said...

More than labelled, it needs to be understood. An integral aspect of GMO technology to date has to do with gene alteration to withstand chemical bombardment n the form of herbicides such as glyphosate. Convincing research is accumulating to suggest that glyphosate (products such as Monsanto's RoundUp) sufficiently alter soil biology to allow proliferation of several varieties of plant pathogens. In addition to the so called superweeds that have garnered recent attention, a number of viral strain related to Verticillium Wilt threaten to reach pandemic levels. Xylella fastidiosa is already threatening the European olive, grape, and citrus crops. Another related disease, Tropical Race 4, has the potential to destroy most of the world's banana production.
There is more at issue, here, than mere consumer awareness as to the identity of particular crops or varieties.
What is needed, is a deeper appreciation and understanding of how our hubris and incomplete comprehension of natural systems and processes may be cascading us towards a perilous future.

Anonymous said...

If the USDA and FDA had done their jobs, then GMOs would only be getting ready for commercial sale in the next couple of years. Only, if they passed extensive impartial reviews of their safety. The fact that they have been in the food supply since 1996 is unconscionable. Childhood allergies have doubled since the introduction of GMOs to the food supply, but this isn't being investigated.