December 12, 2015

Sanity survives in Canada

Boston Globe - Canada welcomed 163 Syrian refugees under its new accelerated entry program , the first of 25,000 the country has promised to take in by March.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a battery of politicians from across the political spectrum were on hand at the Toronto airport to greet the refugees.

“You are home,” Trudeau said to the first passengers to disembark after a 16-hour flight from Beirut on a Canadian military aircraft. “You’re safe at home now.”

The premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, gave them winter coats.

....While opposition parties, including the recently defeated Conservatives, have quibbled over timing and details, there has been no significant opposition to the overall aim of accepting the Syrians. And Trudeau was joined by his opposition critics in the welcoming group.

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