December 24, 2015

Record warm Christmas Eve

Any hopes of a white Christmas that the weekend chill brought will be dashed in the eastern United States, with this Christmas Eve shaping up to be the warmest on record in many communities.

Accuweather - According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tom Kines, "On Christmas Eve, parts of the mid-Atlantic and New England could be just as warm as they were on the Fourth of July." Record high temperatures, including some record warm minimum temperatures, are likely to be set from Florida to Maine. New York City already racked their Christmas Eve record at 1:00 a.m., surpassing the old record of 63 degrees at a balmy 67. Temperatures for the afternoon will reach the middle 70s.


Anonymous said...

Mother nature is going to seriously assert itself in a few decades onward.

I always thought that it would take the ability to fry an egg on one's forehead in a few minuets before an Republican would admit to global warming, and it sure seems that this heading our way in a lifetime.

Admitting to global warming=Means giving up the forever growth model of economics=giving up the never ending issuing of debt=means giving up endless population growth that is demanded by the forever growth model of economics=means harsh capitalism must be ended=means there must be more socialism in government=elites must give up much power and wealth to the commoners.

So you see the real reason why the hard core brown nosing elite lackeys can't admit to global warming.

It is going to get mighty warm...

Anyone know of ANY physic or religious figure who predicted this before hand before science did so? It sure seems that no one can predict the future... Right?

Anonymous said...

I wrote this some long time ago, on now long gone deleted forum boards.

If you want first world society and stable first world society you must work for it and the Republics and their common kinds of economic monetary systems are not good enough to do it.

It is fairly simple, population control, pollution control and more advanced systems of government and economics. If it can be done, it will take a lot of effort by real honest intellectuals and frankly everyone else...

The same old, same old systems(games) will lead to a fairly warm place to live in fairly soon. Global warming is going to be exponential in function... Not linear.

Steps, think tanks, study, proposed systems, computer modeling of proposed systems, testing the best of these on failed republics, endless number of failed republics to try proposals.

Or same old games? Maybe the elites think neutron bombs to be a better solution? Who knows what they think?

Anonymous said...

"Anyone know of ANY physic or religious figure who predicted this before hand before science did so? It sure seems that no one can predict the future... Right?"
Interesting that you should raise the point. Among the most ardent climate change deniers are Evangelical Christians. Quick to proof text, misquote, and distort passages from scripture to bolster their willful ignorance, they fail to recognize the many admonitions relating to economic and environmental concerns. When read with eyes to see, from the first chapter to the last the book of Isaiah serves as a stern rebuke and warning of the ramifications to be had from poor stewardship, greed, and avarice. When read with eyes to see, it addresses hubris of modern industrial agriculture.
Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Micah, and Malachi all also contain passages of similar warning.