December 18, 2015

Police join in fear mongering

Carter County Sheriff Milton Anthony is so afraid of so-called radical Islamic terrorists he's urging the people of his Oklahoma county to arm themselves in preparation for war.

Alternet - In a letter shouted in all caps, Anthony cites the San Bernardino shooting as the source of his fear. Shop ?

"It may come a time that you as citizens may be called upon to defend the citizens of this country against all enemies foreign and domestic that want to do us harm or kill us," Anthony wrote. "By no means do I want to scare anyone, but the attacks are real."

"The times are changing and we live in a more violent world," he wrote.

Anthony isn't alone; Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney also posted a message on Facebook using oddly similar language.

"These people have vowed under their religion to destroy all who do not follow their beliefs," McKinney wrote. "Radical Islam has openly declared war on us and has vowed to attack us here—on our soil—and they are here with more coming." McKinney goes on to say he's not exactly concerned about Stephens County as it's a smaller, less populated county in Oklahoma, but "the citizens of Stephens County has seen the evil committed by criminals in our communities." He went on to encourage those who are trained to carry their concealed weapons.

If that isn't enough, a police chief in Hughes Springs, Texas, told residents last week that President Barack Obama is the real enemy.

Randy Kennedy, chief of the small east Texas town, warned people about a potential "revolution" in a video where he claims President Obama is working to disarm citizens. In the video, Kennedy says that weapons are, “also there to protect us against a government that has overreached its power." He continues his message specifically addressing President Obama, “You are not our potentate, sir. You are our servant.”

“Be ready when the wolf comes to the door, because it’s on its way," he warns.

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