December 22, 2015

Phony polical claim of the day

Washington Post - Hillary Clinton announced a proposal that would invest $2 billion a year over a decade to fund Alzheimer's research in an effort to make a cure possible by 2025.... “We owe it to the millions of families who stay up at night worrying about their loved ones afflicted by this terrible disease and facing the hard reality of the long goodbye to make research investments that will prevent, effectively treat and make a cure possible by 2025," Clinton said in a statement.

The idea that a politician can predict when a cure for a disease can be found is, of course, absurd. But they like to do such things, especially making the cure date precisely a decade away. That way, if HRC is elected president, she will be out of office for two years when it doesn't happen and no one will remember what she said. - TPR


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