December 8, 2015

Morning Line

Based on our moving average of polls, Clinton is just 6 points ahead of Trump and statistically tied with all the other leading GOP candidates.

The media is not reporting, and the Democrats, are not recognizing, how remarkably close this is, especially given the low quality of the GOP candidates. One indicator, the recent Suffolk/USA Today poll had Clinton statistically tied (less than 5 points) with all the leading GOP candidates. Back in July the same pollsters showed Clinton leading Trump by 17 points in a one-to-one match up, 51 percent to 34 percent. At that time, Bush was her closest rival. He trailed the former New York senator 46 percent to 42 percent,

Within the GOP: With 30 points, Trump is 17 points ahead of Cruz who is now statistically tied with Carson and Ruibio at 13-14 All the other candidates are in single digits


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could cover Sanders' odds as much as Clintons? I'm still hoping. She could be taken out of the race due to scandle or ill health.

Undernews said...

There have been no recent Sanders polls against GOP candidates. We will use them when we get them.

Anonymous said...

Along with Hillary's e-mails, apparently Sanders' also doesn't seem to give a damn about this campaign. He's allowed the Democratic Party to box and rein him in. Party hacks have co-opted control of his so called 'grassroots' support. They have carefully steered and directed attention away from effective action, thus containing and limiting Sanders' political 'revolution'. The opportunities to authentically challenge the dismal status quo are being squandered. In short, Bernie is toast. His campaign was doomed from the moment he elected to place Tad Devine, along with Revolution Messaging, in charge. Bernie's message has been diluted, simplified, and reduced to near mind numbing sloganeering. It is pathetic and sad, all Bernie had to do was tell the truth about Mrs. Slick. Instead, he's practically handed her the nomination. The early assertions that Bernie was merely sheep-dogging appeared to have been validated.
RIP the republic.
Regardless the eventual victor, we are headed towards WW III.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have heard this "sheep-dogging" accusation before and I think it is BS. And what do you say the "proof" is? That Bernie won't go on the attack against Hillary. That is double BS. Bernie is running the kind of campaign he has always ran; one based on issues. He won't do what the corporate co-opted media hacks want and start flinging attacks because; NEWS FLASH: This campaign isn't about personal scandal (no matter how much the media prefers it to be) it isn't about "The Cult of Personality" it is about real issues and the very future of this country.

As far as I am concerned any-body who posts comments declaring Bernie "out of the race" when all real indicators say the opposite (drawing real #s to his rallies, not "rent-a-crowds", topping the reader's poll as Person of the Year, winning the "Most electable" vote at Western Illinois University. etc) is either an astroturf shill, some right wing Republican zealot hoping for the end of the candidate that truly has them beat or a hopelessly cynical, media-brain-washed sap that has fallen for the 6 media owners pitch.

Bernie is not going to be a scandal monger. Period. He has won every election he has ever run not being a scandal monger. Stop lusting for blood and go out there and do something constructive!

That is the "Revolution" Bernie is calling for.

Anonymous said...

Sanders did not win every election he ran. 11:51, you need to brush up on your facts. Also, you misquote, the statement was 'Bernie is toast'---he's not out of the race, but his campaign is finished.
One is thrilled to learn of enthusiasm for Bernie at Western Illinois University. Suggest you look a little farther west and investigate how well things are doing across the Mississippi. The Democratic machine has pretty much successfully smothered the 'revolution'. The Illinois and Missouri primaries are scheduled for March 15. Assuming the March 1st 'super Tuesday' returns don't finish him off, what do imagine the campaign's chances of surviving much past April might be?
If Bernie sticks around longer it will only be about generating more contributions---his campaign already signed a shared funding agreement with the DNC.
Good luck to you with your dreams. Hope you aren't too devastated when it all unfolds.

Anonymous said...

For your reading pleasure:

A lot can be gleaned about politicians, not so much by what they say, but rather by those with whom they associate. Obama should have raised early alarms about the potential for his presidency by the presence of the likes of a Robert Rubin and the Zbig Brzezinski.
Bernie has similar problems with Tad Devine.
Check this out and then ask yourself how can his past efforts really be consistent with the campaign message he's selling now with Bernie?

Here's another one for you. Revolution Messaging is the consulting company for the Bernie campaign. Check out their client list, give it a close and thorough examination, and then ponder about where their true, long-term loyalties might reside:
Dig on this one, the contradictions are not at the surface.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one for you. Revolution Messaging is the consulting company for the Bernie campaign. Check out their client list, give it a close and thorough examination, and then ponder about where their true, long-term loyalties might reside:

It seems to be a cross-section. What do you find suspect?