December 14, 2015

Infrequently asked questions

From our overstocked archives

If a symphony orchestra performs Beethoven's Fifth, is it playing a cover?
Why are those so concerned over the sanctity of marriage not pushing for a ban on divorces?
If one of the results of our years of pointless battles in the Mid East has been to create ISIS, what will years of pointless battles against ISIS produce?
Is it a good idea to nominate someone as the Democratic candidate for president whom 60% of Americans think is dishonest?
At what point do we admit that after over a decade of conflict and hundreds of thousands of civilians killed, our wars in the Mid East have failed and that it might be time to try something else?
Why does the media continue to treat those responsible for this disaster as "experts" while failing to interview those with alternative strategies?
Would you want Donald Trump to be chair of your corporation's board, its director of operations, on your church's vestry, scoutmaster for your children, or head of your favorite non-profit? If not, you probably don't want him to be president either.
Given the intense interest in the religious background of terrorists, wouldn't it be a good idea if the media gave us the religion of all murderers, rapists and other violent criminals?
A little inquiry to Trump supporters: If your man shows such disrespect towards most national figures other than himself, what do you suppose he is saying about you behind your back?
From a male reader: "Is masturbation murder? Please let me know within the next couple of hours."

Now that Washington is fully dysfunctional, how do we conduct an intervention?
If the Mayans were so damn smart with their calendar and all, why aren't there more Mayans around?
Why do the suicides of 22 veterans a day attract so little interest compared, say, with a similar number of one time deaths at a school?

Why do hardly any of the contestants on 'American Idol' sing as well as all of the performers on 'Glee' or "Voice?"
Where did they find enough books for the Bush library?

Why - as the president claims - does a constitutional right such as freedom of the press have to be "balanced" against bureaucratic procedures such as classifying something as secret? Where does the Constitution refer to this? And which Harvard law professor taught Obama he could get away with it?
Have you noticed how easy it is to see through politicians who talk about transparency?
Why do people who call themselves intelligence experts do so many stupid things?
About three quarters of Brits believe in the monarchy, but less than half believe in climate change. What will the new royal baby rule a half century from now?

If you want to complain about anonymous sources in journalism, is it okay to quote "leading experts" in order to bolster your case?
Why does the media always refer to people defending our civil liberties and the Constitution as "activists" or "advocates?" Wouldn't "citizens" do just as well?

Why do America's humanitarian instincts only work in places where there is gas and oil involved?

Why do restaurant servers provide so much redundant information such as, "Here's some cream that you can put into your coffee?" or "Here's a glass of water to provide some liquid with your meal?"

How did "reform" stop being change for the better and become change for the powerful?

Isn't talking about American exceptionalism similar to bragging about how beautiful or handsome you are?

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greg gerritt said...

Myans probably disappeared, or rather their complex civilization disappeared due to dep0letion of soil fertility. they could no longer feed people in large cities.

The reality is that the Mayan people never disappeared and are still living in the same parts of the world they lived in 1000 years ago, just not in the old cities.