December 7, 2015

Hollywood gets into drive for DC statehood

Washington Post - Actors Christoph Waltz, Jonathan Banks, Tichina Arnold, Harry Hamlin and Evan Handler lent their collective star power to the District’s continued fight for statehood at a dinner hosted by D.C. “shadow senator” Paul Strauss in West Hollywood.

“Celebrity support for Washington has been overwhelming,” said Strauss, adding that “full federal representation for D.C. residents is vital.”

The point of all that hobnobbing way out in Hollywood? Strauss and the Creative Coalition, one of the entertainment industry’s political advocacy groups, want the big names to use their platforms (we’re guessing Twitter et al) to tell Congress that Washington deserves to be the 51 state in the union.


Capt. America said...

D. C. deserves to again become part of Maryland. D. C. Statehood
is crazy and it will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Who died and left you as god Capt. America? The People of D.C. should determine if they want to be their own state or to join another state. If you don't live there, it isn't your decision.