December 9, 2015

George Washington University bans Palestdinian flag

Intercept - George Washington University police ordered a student to remove a Palestinian flag from his dorm window, with administrators claiming the flag violated their housing code. But a visit to the university  confirmed countless other national flags hang from dorm rooms there.

The student, 20-year-old pre-med Ramie Abounaja, was threatened by university administrators with future disciplinary action even though he complied with the police order. Civil rights organizations have characterized the flag-removal order as a violation of free speech principles, underscoring the growing attempt to outlaw and punish pro-Palestinian speech on the nation’s campuses.

Abounaja’s ordeal began on October 26, when a university police officer entered his dorm room at GW in Washington, D.C. According to Abounaja, the officer said the department had received “multiple complaints” about a Palestinian flag hanging from his window, and that he would not leave until the flag was removed. Abounaja quickly complied without incident.

A week later, Abounaja received a letter from GW’s Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, which oversees disciplinary issues. “This letter serves as a warning that this behavior is a violation of the ‘Code of Student Conduct’ and/or the Resident Community Conduct Guidelines,” it stated.


Capt. America said...

Back to Palestine with this guy. Palestine is an
enemy of the United States. Palestinians want
freedom for themselves, and none for anyone else.

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Anonymous said...

Palestine is a sovereign entity whose flag is recognized by the United Nation, and is thus therefore undeserving of such censure.
[ ]
Judging by your comments, you, Captain America, are an obnoxious, xenophobic, bigot.