December 31, 2015

60,000 New Yorkers sign up for micro-apartments

Daily Mail, UK- More than 60,000 people have applied to live in new apartments the size of garages in Manhattan.

Carmel Place, a new development of 55 properties ranging from 265 to 360 square feet, complete with balconies and tall ceilings, is due to open in New York early next year.

And planning officials are proposing to end a limit on how small apartments can be, opening the door for more micro-apartments that advocates see as affordable adaptations to a growing population of single people.

....Flat walls without columns maximize furniture-arranging options, although some units come furnished with fold-out wizardry, including a desk that expands into a 12-seater table and a retractable bed that pulls down tidily over a love seat. This retractable bed turns into a sofa inside one of the apartment units at the Carmel Place development

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vic said...

And will they cost micro rent also?