November 5, 2015

Word: Trump's ' skill

One of the big probleems in the US is that we are made to believe that real estate speculation is economic development when it is simply another way for the rich to steal.- Greg Gerritt


Anonymous said...

Growth is generally a problem.

Our Number ONE PROBLEM may be our culture of ETERNAL GROWTH. Let's grow up!
Our culture of looking to (eternal) growth is the SOURCE of most of our problems, NOT the solution. The USA doubles its GDP every 40 years and doubles its population every 60 years. Growth overwhelms all else we try to do to help the environment and our society and to achieve true sustainability. Climate Change is one of the many symptoms, as is crowding, overfishing, pollution, loss of species, the need for franken foods and the anthropocene. So is income inequality, loss of quality-of-life, and always more revenue needed to accommodate quantity rather than quality.

Population is the great multiplier!
“Anyone who believes in unlimited growth is either a madman or an economist”. - Kenneth Boulding
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greg gerritt said...

The reason I write about real estate speculation as a cover for economic development is that I try to apply all of the things we are learning about the global situation to my own neighborhood. it is clear in Providence RI that the economy is shrinking and will continue to do so. All effort is put into growing the economy, but an old industrial place like Providence is going to be a growth laggard no matter what, and most of what they do to speed up growth actually undermines prosperity. And real estate churning is the only thing they can do to provide cover for the lack of growth, so the rich just suck at the public teat, and get richer on subsieies while we get poorer and can not afford places to live or the health care that is supposed to be the other saviour of the economy.