November 25, 2015

Why the Muslim world changed

Ismael Hossein-zadeh, Counterpunch -  The history of the relationship between the modern Western world and the Muslim world shows that, contrary to distorted popular perceptions in the West, from the time of their initial contacts with the capitalist West more than two centuries ago until almost the final third of the twentieth century, the Muslim people were quite receptive of the economic and political models of the modern world.

During that period of more than a century and a half, the majority of the political elite and/or national leaders viewed the rise of the modern West, and its spread into their territories, as an inevitable historical development that challenged them to chart their own programs of reform and development. Not only did the political elite, the intellectuals, and government leaders view reform and modernization as the way of the future, but so did many Islamic leaders and scholars, known as “Islamic modernizers”

It was only after more than a century and a half of imperialistic pursuits and a series of humiliating policies in the region that the popular masses of the Muslim world turned to religion and the conservative religious leaders as sources of defiance, mobilization, and self-respect. This historical background indicates that for many Muslims the recent turn to religion often represents not so much a rejection of Western values and achievements as it is a way to resist or defy the oppressive policies and alliances of Western powers in the Muslim world. It also means that explanations of derailed and delayed historical transitions in the Muslim world, that is, of an Islamic reformation, rest more with the policies of the Western powers in the region than the alleged rigidity of Islam, or “the clash of civilizations.”


Ismael Hossein-zadeh is Professor Emeritus of Economics at Drake University.


Anonymous said...

Nonsense. The Sheiks of the Muslim world have destroyed more modern tyrants like Saddam Hussein by using corrupt western governments as tools. The Saudis have destroyed those of their neighbors which are not just like them, with the assistance of western forces. They have failed in Egypt but they still have a chance to destroy Turkey. The purpose of Arab terrorism and "fundamentalism" is to get western boots on the ground in Arabia so the Saudis will keep and command ever more wealth and power. Saudis will fight to the last Palestinian, the last Syrian, the last Libyan, the last Iraqi, the last Daeshi, and, yes, the last American.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article.
Thanks for posting.