November 16, 2015

What the major media won't tell you about Zionism

Ben Norton, Mondoweiss -“Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination,” reads UN General Assembly Resolution 3379. The measure was adopted 40 years ago, on Nov. 10, 1975, and the majority of the international community backed it. 72 countries voted for the resolution, with just 35 opposed (and 32 abstentions).

Although little-known in the US today (it is remarkable how effectively the US and its allies have rewritten history in their favor), UN GA Res. 3379, titled “Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination,” made an indelible imprint on history.

The geographic distribution of the vote was telling. The countries that voted against the resolution were primarily colonial powers and/or their allies. The countries that voted for it were overwhelmingly formerly colonized and anti-imperialist nations.
Map of the votes on UN GA Res. 3379 (CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons)
Map of the votes on UN GA Res. 3379 (CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons)

The resolution also cited two other little-known measures passed by international organizations in the same year:
  • the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity’s resolution 77, which ruled “that the racist regime in occupied Palestine and the racist regimes in Zimbabwe and South Africa have a common imperialist origin, forming a whole and having the same racist structure”; and
  • the Political Declaration and Strategy to Strengthen International Peace and Security and to Intensify Solidarity and Mutual Assistance among Non-Aligned Countries, which called Zionism a “racist and imperialist ideology.”
When the resolution was passed, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Chaim Herzog — who later became Israel’s sixth president, and the father of Isaac Herzog, the head of Israel’s opposition — famously tore up the text at the podium.


Anonymous said...

After Israel is incorporated into Greater Palestine, where are the few surviving escaping Jews going to go? And bear in mind that the Saudis will be able to concentrate more of their resources to destroying the West. US first.

Almost a millennium ago, there were crusades. In theory they were supposed to effect the survival of Christianity in the "Holy Land". The first thing the crusaders did was to attack Christian Byzantium. Hungering for loot, they then became available to the highest bidders among the evil Arab regimes trying to destroy each other. Most of the fighting was Arab on Arab.

Muslim terror today, from NYC to Paris, had and still has the aim of influencing our behavior, to get the West, including Russia, more involved in the Muslim Emirs and Sultans and dictators' internecine struggles. We oblige by sending crusaders. Our corrupt leadership is paid off with oil.

In the middle east, WHO IS THE HIGHEST BIDDER?

Corey said...

"few surviving escaping Jews" ????????? LMAO