November 30, 2015

Two thirds of American blacks want action taken on climate change

New American Media - Two-thirds of African Americans believe global warming is a serious issue, ranking it as one of four major challenges facing the black community.

Crime, economics and education rank as the most-serious issues and 60% of African Americans include global warming fourth on that list, according to a poll of 800 randomly selected African Americans taken nationwide in September.

Sixty-seven percent of Blacks want action taken to reduce the threat of global warming compared with 3% who argue concern about global warming is unwarranted. Thirteen percent of all Americans believe concern about global warming is unwarranted, the poll found.

ABC News - Eight in 10 Democrats call climate change a serious problem, as do 62 percent of independents; this drops to 43 percent among Republicans. Fifty-seven percent of Democrats think most scientists agree on the issue, while two-thirds of Republicans feel the opposite.

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greg gerritt said...

The United States has become a fact free zone.