November 25, 2015

There'll always be a Rhode Island

ABC News - A portrait of former mayor and two-time felon Buddy Cianci was unveiled at [Providence] City Hall... "It's not the first time I've been framed," Cianci cracked to an overflow crowd of cheering supporters.

Cianci, who spent 21 years in office and is the city's longest-serving mayor,...Cianci was forced from office twice, first in 1984, when he pleaded no contest to assaulting a man with a fireplace log, an ashtray and a lit cigarette. His second administration ended in 2002 with a 4 1/2-year federal prison term for racketeering conspiracy. He attempted a comeback bid for mayor as an independent last year but lost to Jorge Elorza, a Democrat and political novice.

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Anonymous said...

Cianci opens his mouth you know he is lying