November 4, 2015

There'll always be a Bridgeport

WSFB, CT - Just five years after being released from federal prison, the former Bridgeport mayor is returning to his old job. On Tuesday evening, Joe Ganim claimed victory in the race for mayor, as he received 59 percent of the votes.

Ganim won the Democratic primary over Mayor Bill Finch back in September. He said he looks at it as a second chance since spending time behind bars for embezzling taxpayer dollars during his last term.

Voters elected him five times starting back in the 1990s, before he served seven years behind bars.

"I think at the end of the day, why we're here tonight is because of the hard work we accomplished when I was mayor, when I held the line on taxes for 10 years, whether reducing crime by 40 percent," Ganim said.

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Anonymous said...

Even Providence does not re elect Mayors who have spent time in the federal pokey for corruption