November 29, 2015

Police blotter

Counter Current News - Internal affairs [in Detroit] is investigating a death in police custody after 24-year-old Anthony Damone Clark Reed was left dead following a traffic stop. He was pulled over for the victimless “crime” of tinted windows during a personal medical emergency around 9 pm on Monday.

The father of Reed, Pastor Kevin Clark, is speaking out and saying that his son’s death was caused by negligence on the part of the Detroit police. The pastor also says that the negligence continued after his death, when they failed to contact the family for over two hours.

During the stop over the windows on his new Dodge Charger, Reed, who has previously been hospitalized for asthma, told the officer he was having trouble breathing. Reed reportedly went to reach under his seat during the stop, which his father believes was to look for his inhaler, and for unknown reasons ended up handcuffed and thus denied access to his medication.

The lack of oxygen caused him to fall unconscious while in the officer’s custody. At this point the police reportedly gave the dying young man his inhaler, but it was too late, and CPR as well as other efforts to revive him proved fruitless.  He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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