November 3, 2015

NYC area sea levels could rise as much as six feet over next 75 years

Climate Central - LaGuardia Airport is about to be rebuilt in New York City, but by the end of the century, fish could be swimming where airplanes once parked at the terminal. That’s because sea levels in the area could rise by as much as 6 feet over the next 75 years, according to new predictions released by the state of New York.

New York State environment officials announced that they’re creating new sea level rise regulations that will help coastal communities build more resilient homes and other buildings that will be better able to withstand storm surges and other flooding made worse by rising seas driven by climate change.

The new regulations will require developers in New York City, along Long Island and on the shores of the Hudson River to prepare for sea levels that could rise between 15 and 75 inches by 2100. At the far end of that scale, many of the areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy — the Rockaway Peninsula and the shores of Staten Island, for example — could be underwater.


Anonymous said...

Doubt it. Antarctica is adding more ice!!

Anonymous said...

Antartica, according to most recent studies (2009-current) show melting has been increasing. Statements that it is adding ice is based on information from late 90's through 2008 which may have been inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Not nearly as fast as Greenland is losing it