November 19, 2015

Morning Line

In our moving average of polls, Clinton now leads all GOP candidates save Rubio and Carson with whom she is statistically tied.. Sanders is 6 points behind Rubio and statistically tied with the rest. 

In electoral votes, Democrats have 113 firm or leaning towards the party, the GOP has 86. 270 electoral votes are needed to win

With 25 points, Trump is 6 points ahead of Carson. Rubio has 13, Cruz 11, Bush 7. All the other candidates are in single digits

Among Republicans, Trump leads in 11 states, Carson in 2. Trump and Carson are statistically tied in 12 states

Among Democrats Clinton leads in 23 states,
Sanders & Clinton are statistically tied in 2

In New Hampshire, which went Democratic by only two points in 2012, remains a tossup. In our moving average of recent polls, Clinton is statistically tied with all Republicans except for Trump whom she leads by 6.

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Anonymous said...

Bernie "I'm a Democrat, now" Sanders is toast, it is over save the formalities. Sanders squandered his opportunity, leverage, and political capital, diluting his message and succumbing to the inept and misguided counselling of those party hacks handling his campaign. Tad Devine has a penchant for snatching defeat from the clutches of victory. He is, if nothing else, consistent. Perhaps that explains his role in this latest exercise in political theater? Rein things in, allowing just enough populism to attract attention but not to the point of seriously disturbing the prevailing status quo. Mission accomplished. Threat extinguished and Hils can now safely begin her predictable lurch to right.
And to what end?
We are rapidly approaching World War III, and if Barry can't quite pull it off sooner, then certainly whoever ends up victorious in '16 will.
The only choice voters are now offered is who it will to be to do so--- either the survivor from the clown car or Hils?
and on it continues...