November 5, 2015

"Misson accomplished" (Cont'd)

ISIS American U.S. Humvee Tank Armored Vehicle 11ISIS American U.S. Humvee Tank Armored Vehicle 11

The Islamic State is responding to the U.S.’ latest moves in Syria and Iraq by flaunting a fleet of American-made Humvees and other military vehicles that it has pilfered.
Vocativ - More than a dozen new photographs published by ISIS depict what it’s calling its “Third Armored Brigade,” which is based in Iraq’s northern province of Nineveh. The highly-choreographed images show ISIS fighters riding around the desert in Iraqi Light Armored Vehicles, a Humvee built in the U.S. and sold exclusively—at around $350,000 a pop—to the Iraqi military beginning in 2006. 

TPR: You can build a bus for about the price of a Humvee. 

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