November 16, 2015

Infrequently asked questions

At what point do we admit that after over a decade of conflict and hundreds of thousands of civilians killed, our wars in the Mid East have failed and that it might be time to try something else?

Why does the media continue to treat those responsible for this disaster as "experts"  while failing to interview those with alternative strategies?

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LarryC said...

These questions are asked plenty. But for the same reasons we've all discussed before, our questions are never answered. The so called experts we hear ever day on the tele are the one's who either got us in the mess or try to keep America in the mess. They don't want to hear us say we shouldn't have been in the Middle East in the first place. They don't want to be asked the question of why it took 50-60 thousand troops occupying Afghanistan to find one man and his entourage. Why did thousands of young Americans have to die, along with an unreported number of citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq? Why is the current president not held accountable for getting America out of the Middle East as he promised he would do immediately after taking office. They have all kinds of reasons, usually the old bromides they've been rolling out for over a decade. They're just warmed over from Vietnam. And if the truth was known, most of these ticket punchers with their 'I been there ribbons' are water carriers for politicians anyway. So this will continue. It will not stop until these same ignorant people have destroyed America, or Americans rise up as they did during Vietnam and put a stop to the madness.