November 12, 2015

How Stephen Colbert would have handled baby Hitler

 When Jeb Bush was bizarrely asked if he would have killed Baby Hitler, Jeb! responded “Hell yeah, I would!” Says Stephen Colbert:
But here’s where me and Jeb’s time streams start to diverge, because I wouldn’t kill young Adolf. I would take him from his parents and raise him with love. I would give Hitler a safe, supportive home; all the while, I would watch him like a hawk...I wouldn’t let him join anything where they have to wear a uniform—no Cub Scouts, no Little League, definitely no marching ban.

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Anonymous said...

This "Would you kill baby Hitler?" question being bandied about is really repulsive, and also very telling. Think of it as a bizarro equivalent of "Do you love mom and apple pie?" In order to fit in with the crowd, one must respond with "yes". But at least with mom and apple pie, the question is benign. However the "kill" question is really disgusting. It posits an impossible situation and is freighted with clever fallacies and assumptions that make it a "loaded" question. People who answer "yes" to the "kill" question can show their commitment (they think) to morality, but with no skin in their answer, since it requires a circumstance which is impossible. Further, I tire of the long list of "baddies" our propagandists have cooked up who can safely be "hated" and now even murdered without a second thought. Saddam, Mao, Stalin, and of course, the worst of the worst, Hitler. Everybody can safely hate and kill Hitler. Even baby Hitler. Since it's all make-believe, there is no risk. But despite the safe political correctness of this fabricated faux morality question, Jeb Bush and his ilk should be reminded that two wrongs never have made a right.