November 8, 2015

Great moments in journalism

The Review's office having been in DC's Dupont Circle for about 30 years, we were curious about the story of Putin's former aide found dead in one of its hotels. But the Washington Post, which has always placed its relations with the capital's corporate elite above more trivial matters such as good journalism, left the name of the hotel out of the story. We can't recall another instance of this happening in a story such as this. But then the Dupont Circle Hotel is owned by the  Doyle Collection (along with the Kensington and Bloomsbury in London). Here's the Post's lead:

Washington Post - A former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin and prominent political figure was found dead on Thursday in a Dupont Circle hotel room, according to the Russian Embassy in Washington.

The spokesman confirmed Russian media reports that Mikhail Lesin, a former press minister and ex-executive of Gazprom-Media, died in D.C.

D.C. police said only that a body was found before noon on an upper floor of a hotel in the 1500 block of New Hampshire Avenue in Northwest.

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