November 6, 2015

Great moments in journalism

Gathered by Glenn Greenwald

Seems silly to write this, but: Trust me, the US airstrike on the hospital in Kunduz will almost certainly prove to be an accident. -Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor

The bombing of Doctors Without Borders is a horrible accident, but also a consequence of the kind of war we've chosen - Ezra Klein,Vox

New Yorker

To think the United States purposely bombed a hospital is evidence of a mindset that suggest such deep hostility toward America that [MSF International President Joanne] Liu ought to go work somewhere else. . . . I don’t for a minute think that the United States was involved in ‘war crime’ here — unless the definition of a crime is so stretched as to encompass a horrible accident. - Richard Cohen, Washington Post


greg gerritt said...

Even if the bombing was an accident, or a mistaqken identity, the fact that it follow supon hundreds of previous war crimes tells us much more than the clown quoted above ever will.

LarryC said...

Get serious! The star studded criminals at the pentagon are always bragging about how great they are at everything they do, and they say this is a mistake?! Seems their mistakes are awfully convenient....and they're never held accountable for them. But not to worry, they'll fess up once they're retired with their 6 figure retirement salary and benefits for life. They'll write a book about how they knew this was wrong it is was all lies and but they couldn't speak up because of some sicko notion of 'honor'. There is no honor among these people. Look no further back than that lying, criminal William Westmoreland, responsible for over 50 thousand dead Americans because he lied. If this was an accident, why is there no outside investigation? Why has no one been held accountable? Why has the hardware that went astray been grounded? And why is a Washington Post water carrier trying to defend the culprits instead of getting to the truth? The don't win Pulitzers by calling these star studded criminals what they are. It reflects poorly on the administration...and the Post is the marketing arm of the administration. So for those real reporters out there, keep reporting the news and perhaps one day America...or the people America is accidentally killing...will decide they've had enough.