November 22, 2015

FCC chair & Manhattan DA don't like your constitutional rights

Press Herald, ME - The nation’s top telecom regulator recommended broadening America’s wiretapping laws Tuesday, in response to the recent attacks in Paris by the Islamic State that left more than 120 people dead.

While the Federal Communications Commission cannot take direct action against the Islamic State, such as shutting down its websites or social media accounts, Congress could do “specific things” allowing the FCC to assist law enforcement more effectively, agency Chairman Tom Wheeler told a House subcommittee.

“One of the issues here is the question of, ‘What is a lawful intercept?’, something the Congress can define,” Wheeler told lawmakers.

Arstechnica - Cyrus Vance, Jr., the Manhattan district attorney and an outspoken critic of encryption, called on Congress to adopt legislation mandating that mobile phone makers like Apple and Google bake backdoors into their smartphones.

Vance said it is "government's principal responsibility to keep its residents safe, and that a government cannot fulfill that responsibility if huge amounts of vital information directly related to public safety are inaccessible to the government."

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greg gerritt said...

Cyrus Vance Jr. is a criminal. The government would make us safer if it stopped bombing communities. Listening in on our phone calls will just make us less free. But then again the warlords and robber barons do not actually believe in democracy, they just lust for empire.