November 3, 2015

Department of Denial: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has a problem her Democratic supporters refuse to face: She has negative national approval ratings and they're down significantly since June. Her success is being driven primarily by the lousy alternatives in the Republican Party. And bear in mind, that the GOP is sitting on its major attacks until she is nominated. It's unclear what the Democrats can do about it, but it always helps to recognize reality, and the earlier the better. Here is a trend chat of her national approval across party lines: 


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Anonymous said...

It seems that in the minds of many, the process has become completely rigged.
The Clown Car on one side, the coronation on the other, what is there to actually for? Authentic alternatives are locked out of the system. All this tends to validate the logical conclusion that voting is futile waste of time, lesser evilism not withstanding. The Democrats ought recognize the possibility of no one showing up to vote, period.
The Republic is dead, long live the new feudalism.