November 21, 2015

Clinton lumps Hammas with ISIS

Mondoweiss -The argument that the U.S. and the west are finally undertaking the war Israel has been fighting for years is of course a major theme of pro-Israel commentary post Paris. Militant Israeli policies re Palestinian resistance are being offered as a role model to the west; and  The Palestinian political party Hamas is being put on the same plane as ISIS– a longstanding propaganda claim of the Israeli prime minister, or as long as ISIS has been in the news.

Hillary Clinton echoed that point in her Council on Foreign Relations speech:

In September I laid out a comprehensive plan to counter Iranian influence across the region and its support for terrorist proxies such as Hezbollah and Hamas. We cannot view Iran and ISIS as separate challenges. Regional politics are too interwoven. Raising the confidence of our Arab partners and raising the costs to Iran for bad behavior will contribute to a more effective fight against ISIS. And as we work out a broader regional approach, we should of course be closely consulting with Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East


Anonymous said...

Isis was armed and trained by the Saudis and is motivated by the Saudi-sponsored radical Wahabism. Ms. Clinton's statement is a foolish and dishonest recitation of standard neocon Goebbeldygook(sic) - as always.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is a war criminal