October 29, 2015

The People's Party: Marijuana


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Sylvia Valls said...

Legalizing it accepts that legislatures have the power to prohibit it, and to my mind its use should not be prohibitable or prohibitive (although in some places the unwarranted prohibition makes it prohibitive for some). It was the first plant to have been domesticated by humanity, as per ethno-botanist Richard Evans-Schultes. I have found it to be relaxing, fun and thereby therapeutic, but also great for relieving the pain of my worn out bones. To me it is a sacred plant along with peyote and the neon√°nacatl --the mushrooms that the ancient Mexicans used in their communions. ALL VICTIMLESS CRIMES SHOULD BE DEPENALIZED... not "legalization" but "depenalization" in order to drive home the notion that victimless crimes need not be a matter in which states interfere in in any way. Freedom first and always!! Addiction is a term used by the Orwellian forces controling us... and it also does not apply to mariguana which does not cause major withdrawal symptoms and whose absence may be quite unwelcome but nonetheless bearable... NO SWEAT! But SO GREAT TO HAVE AROUND AND READY TO BE USED!!