October 20, 2015

My brief Bernie crisis

Sam Smith - Last night, I was doing my regular gig on the Mark Thompson show (Sirius XM Channel 127, Mondays 8 pm) when a fellow called from Vermont to defend his friend Bernie Sanders from some of the criticism he has received. The guy had known Bernie for years, written legislation together, and some other stuff I don't remember because of a startling comment he made in passing.

It seems that the caller and Sanders had regularly gone on annual cruises together. I immediately thought of the time I had seen IF Stone dancing fiercely in the ballroom of the QE II, but Izzy wasn't running for president and the thought of Bernie going off to Greece each year on one of those humongously large and expensive barges known as cruise ships was troubling.

It bothered Mark as well who asked the caller where their cruises had gone. The answer: Lake Champlain. Whew. Still, I was trying to figure how many times one would circle that lake on, say, a week long cruise. Lake Champlain is only 125 miles in length and has a maximum width of 14 miles.

But then Mark asked the right question. How much do the cruises cost? Replied the caller: $35. And they're just for one meal.

So the potential Bernie cruise scandal turned out to be smaller than Lake Champlain. In fact, anyone who can pull off a cruise for $35 is the sort of guy you want handling our national budget.

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