October 29, 2015

Morning Line

In the Progressive Review's average of recent polls, Clinton is statistically tied with all the GOP leaders.. Sanders is five ahead of Trump but is statistically tied with Bush and Carson and would lose to Fiorina

Among Republicans, Trump is at 30, leading Carson by 7 points. All the other candidates are in single digits.

Clinton has a 26 point lead over Sanders.

Among Republicans, Trump leads in 18 states, Carson in four

Among Democrats Clinton leads in 23 states, Sanders in 3.

Of the states where polls have been taken this year, the 161 electoral votes
the Democrats had in 2012 now stand at 91 firm or leaning towards the party. The GOP has 62. 270 electoral votes are needed to win

In Senate races, Democrats stand to pick up 2 seats and could pick up 3 more. This is one short of what they need for a majority.

In governorship races, the Democrats stand to pick up one state and each party could pick up two more.

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