October 26, 2015

Free overnights at the Clinton White House still paying off for HRC

Center for Public Integrity - For a first family, inviting guests to spend a night in the Lincoln Bedroom can pay dividends for decades. Among donors to Democrat Bill Clinton’s campaigns first revealed as overnight guests of his White House and today still living, more than half are still giving — this time to Hillary Clinton.

The Center for Public Integrity published the first list of donors who nabbed a night in the Clinton White House — and whose stays sparked outrage and investigations — in its 1996 report, “Fat Cat Hotel.”

Of the 66 original “Fat Cats” still living, 34 have donated a total of $1.15 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign or the super PACs supporting her since January 2013. With more than a year before the general election, the number of supporters and their donations may rise.

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Anonymous said...

Reading this article I can't help but wonder; What about overnight guests in the Bush White House, both HW and W? As long as we are looking at Dynastic corruptions... Is there this kind of fact finding in every White House administration? Or do reporters only look at the Democrats because they are more like to to stand up to (or at least campaign as if they will) Fat Cat Monied interests?