October 31, 2015

Christie about to throw chronically disabled out on the street

US Uncut -  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is about to put more than 3,000 disabled, terminally-ill and unemployed state residents out on the streets, and just in time for the holidays. This is especially callous, considering Christie has shilled out more than $6 billion dollars in corporate tax breaks since taking office in 2010 – a figure that surpasses all of his predecessors. Christie maintains the tax breaks are necessary to create and keep jobs, yet the taxpayer cost per job went from $18,000 per job in 2009 to a whopping $80,000 as of 2014...

The two emergency assistance programs so many have been relying on initially expired in 2012. When the programs expired, they were given a three-year extension while residents awaited a judge’s ruling as to whether some of them would be eligible for permanent support. However, the Christie administration informed welfare directors across the state last July that the extension had expired, and has yet to float a replacement. This means in the next three to four weeks, residents such as Chiaravallo are facing homelessness. For the terminally ill, that’s virtually a death sentence.

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