July 8, 2015

Clinton's crumbly start

We've never seen a strong poll leading presidential candidate get off to such a crumbly start. Not only do over half of Americans not trust her, not only does the campaign seem to be poorly run, but the excitement among supporters seems strangely pallid. The warning for the pros: Better have someone to step in strong should the Clinton campaign collapse. 

Poynter - Defensive,’ ‘poker-faced,’ ‘anodyne’, , , ,Those are all words used by the press to describe Hillary Clinton's performance after the former Secretary of State sat down with CNN's Brianna Keilar Tuesday for Clinton's first nationally televised interview since announcing her candidacy earlier this year. "She may be the frontrunner in the presidential race, but Clinton still comes across as guarded, quibbling, and poker-faced under the TV lights." (The Daily Beast) | "Clinton’s first such performance, though, makes clear that there are no guarantees that such access will come with actual answers." (Slate) | "The first national interview of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign did not go well." (Politico) | 

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